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Wonderful game lodges can be booked in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

On GameLodges.com you are in direct contact with the Safari operators. GameLodges.eu and SafariLodges.com, have both developed a planning and booking tool, for travellers that prefer to make their own holiday plan. This tool simplifies your bookings of safaris in Africa. All your booking enquiries sent to different safari operators and other service provider can easily be managed from your account with SafariLodges.com. You are therefore recommended to " Register " with SafariLodges.com, by entering some basic contact details. It will not take more than a minute, for you to set up an account " My Safari ". Done, and you can start sending booking enquiries to safari operators and service providers. SafariLodges.com does not operate like an on-line travel agent, you are free to negotiate rates directly with the operators and providers. Every enquiry form contains a message box where you can raise any issue of concern or use it for negotiation. All your enquiries and offers, will be managed from one place, your account. Your co-ordination work and time table planning will be simplified, when you have all the offers in one place.

Welcome to gamelodges.eu and SafariLodges.com.
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